A recent photograph of "The Ster"


The Shanester, also known as The Ster, is a possibly male human being who has been known to consume ridiculous amounts of what he says is alcohol at any given time, leading to his status as a legend of drinking games like Water Pong, Landmines- Water Edition, and Dizzy Water Bat. Clearly, he is sadly mistaken.

The Ster grew up learning at the rate of a 2 year old for his entire life, and now that he has become an adult, he is more like an 11 year old in an 18 year old's body. But intelligence isn't everything. The Ster is an outstanding football player, with records for most dropped touchdowns and dumbest tackle celebration. He currently attends Norris Culf College where he apparently is getting an education.

High SchoolEdit

At Aldous Ernest Stevens High School, the Ster quickly earned a reputation for being a ladies man, along with being an outstanding football and track athlete. He earned numerous awards, none of which he can seem to find these days. According to public discussions with the Ster, classmates have reported an ACT score between 11 and 29 for the fine young man, with the range of 18 about 17.99 (repeating of course) points higher than the world average over the last 100000 years.

Ladies ManEdit

It has recenly been reported that the Ster has had his way with over 100 girls throughout high school, with approximately 98 of them coming via his favorite tactic- rape. Of the 98, 74 of the girls were passed out after Shanester had applied his secret roofies mix to their drinks, while another 18 had been given general anesthesia. the remaining 6 just happened to be as stupid as him, and went along with it when he said he was 'Just going to put this in there... oh yeah, oh yeah, ok u hav herpes.'